Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Spy Lit, Puzzles, and Conspiracies!

1/7/13 - Again, I've discovered a shortage of inventory for a requested author. I'm not diggin' this trend.

Granted, the authors in question are popular and collectible - making them slightly more difficult to find than the average book... this time it was Leslie Charteris, creator of "The Saint" series among other things. Yes, we take note when we're out of something popular, and that fact, perhaps, turns the spotlight away from all the things we DO have. No one reports news on an intersection without a traffic accident, right (or do they)?

The 1997 film of "The Saint" starring Val Kilmer is not one of the great films of all time, but it's fun and has one of my go-to soundtracks. It's a great movie to "watch" when you're doing something else. ;-) I jest. It's actually an excellent movie to watch, if only to see the many faces of Val Kilmer. The guy is very good at putting on a persona.

So, let's look at the brighter side of the day... We hooked someone up with a Scrabble dictionary. Scrabble dictionaries have always been uncommon around here, especially since the National Scrabble Tournament was held in Dayton back in 2009, and in fact, it was our last one, for now. Herman Melville's Moby Dick and a collection by Robert Louis Stevenson were also in the plus side of the mix today. Adventure on the high seas! Always good stuff - though, personally, I might be more enthusiastic about salt-water in the months when salting ice on sidewalks was less of a probability...

What amazing new adventures await in tomorrow's exciting episode of The Chronicles of Bonnett's Books?
Tune in next time!


  1. The Saint books are being reprinted this year. Mulholland Book in he UK start in February, a US deal has been agreed and will be announced shortly.

  2. Thanks Hoppy! I should have guessed, considering the pending TV series. I discovered The Saint via the film, only later catching some of the old series on BBCAmerica, who used to have a great old spy line-up on the weekends. I have yet to read the novels. It seems I'll have another chance to do so! Any word on the "purity" of new printings? I'm aware of some stories (Nancy Drew books) whose reprints are being updated for a better fit into the modern world. I wouldn't want to see that happen with the classic stories, though I wouldn't be opposed to seeing new stories set in the Now. I'm going to add your blog to the sidebar here so I can keep up with current events. Thanks again!

  3. The books are straightforward reprints. The only adjustments have been to correct some of the weirder things that have happened throughout the course of the Saint's convoluted publishing history (such as restoring 'The Saint and the Uncritical Publisher', which was never published in any Saint book in the UK).

    New Saint stories may also appear but will be completely separate from these reprints.

  4. Excellent. All good news. This might finally be my excuse to break out into reading something other than science-fiction and Classics!