Saturday, December 18, 2010

A few movies with snow

Not tired of winter yet? Here are a few movies featuring a good bit of snow.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Holiday Book Treat

"A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, illustrated by H.M. Brock, from Dodd, Mead & Company 1935
Hardcover, No dustjacket, one illustration page is loose.

Happy Holidays! :-)

Friday, December 03, 2010

A Few Holiday Selections from Bonnett's Books

It occurred to me that a lot of folks may not be aware that we accept credit cards and debit cards, too. Now you know.

Here are a few items to help you and yours get into the Holiday spirit. And, when you're looking for special gifts, you can find something on our shelves for just about everyone on your list. Our discount comic books make great stocking stuffers for the kids (or a good cheap way to keep them occupied while you put lights on the tree). Stop in and take a look around. And remember, if you don't see what you're looking for, just ask and we'll point you in the right direction.

Foursquare users, during the Holiday Season, check-in and tell your friends you're at Bonnett's Book Store for a 20% discount!

Open Mon-Sat, Noon-8pm, sometimes later.
To learn more and keep in touch, subscribe to the Penciled Margins blog feed, or Follow @BonnettsBooks on Twitter, Like Bonnett's Book Store's page on Facebook, Friend =[BONNETT'S]= on MySpace, and see the sidebar to Follow us with Google Friend Connect.


The Children of Dickens (1933)
Holiday Recipes & Chocolate Ecstasy
A Christmas Treasury of Yuletide Stories & Poems
The Snowman Who Wanted to Stay
Elf - (DVD)
It Happened of 5th Avenue - (DVD)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Season in Dayton, Ohio (Hours & Events)

BONNETT'S BOOK STORE will be closed on Thanksgiving but right back at it on Friday, as usual, from Noon-8p (or later, call if you're nearby 937-228-1222). We'll be closing at 5p on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, Closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day, and return to our regular hours of Mon-Sat, Noon-8p on other days during and after the Holidays.

Naturally, I can't know EVERYTHING that's going on, but here's a heads-up on the things that have recently piqued my interest, including special holiday hours and events around downtown and in the Oregon District.

DERAILED HAIR SALON is taking appointments on Wednesday 11/24, so you can get your last minute 'do done in time to show off your hotness at your Thanksgiving gatherings. 937-222-3910 for appointments and more info.

WILEY'S COMEDY CLUB  - Wednesday 11/24 @ 8p "Comics Come Home" show features 10 national performers home for the holiday, all for the low low price of $5.00! You do the math. What a DEAL! Check with them for New Year's Eve Party info.

THE DUBLIN PUB features Spungeworthy on Wednesday night and will open at 6p on Thanksgiving with live acoustic music in the evening from Nick Mitchell.

BLIND BOB'S will open at 8p on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Closed Christmas Eve. Check with them if you want to know more about their New Year's Eve plans.

Happy Birthday BOULEVARD HAUS! Open Christmas Eve until 8p. Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Days.

GRANDE ILLUMINATION & CHILDREN'S PARADE take place Friday 11/26 4-9p Musical acts will perform on the main stage on Courthouse Square and Dayton's tree goes live at 7:45p. Be there by 7:30p to get your "magic glasses" to enhance the tree lighting ceremony. The Children's Parade takes place immediately following the tree lighting.

LAS AMERICAS, a Puerto Rican/South American eatery near the Trolley Stop has extended it's hours. Check them out to add some spice to your holiday dining. Tue-Fri 11a-8p; Sat 8a-8p, Sun 9a-1p

FIRST FRIDAY is Dec 3, 5-10p at creative venues all around downtown Dayton. Check out some truly special and unique gift selections, and be inspired by the creativity of a wide variety of new art and artists.
5th Street Clayworx will be taking non-perishable food donations for the Food Bank during First Friday.

SANTA PUB CRAWL Benefiting USMC TOYS FOR TOTS is Sat, Dec 11, 6p-2a as follows:
Oregon Express, 336 E. Fifth St.: 5:30 to 7 p.m.
Blind Bob’s, 430 E. Fifth St.: 7 to 8:30 p.m.
Tumbleweed Connection, 454 E. Fifth St.: 8:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Trolley Stop, 530 E. Fifth St.: 9:30 to 10:30 p.m.
Dublin Pub, 300 Wayne Ave.:  10:30 to 11:30 p.m.
Bar Tiki, 261 Wayne Ave.: 11:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.
Newcom’s, 418 E. Fifth St.: 12:30 a.m. to closing


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hauntfest 2010 info

A lot of folks still refer to the annual Oregon District Halloween Party in Dayton, Ohio by it's older (and more fun) name, Boo-N-Brew or Boo and Brew. For a few years now it has officially been called Hauntfest. Now that's out of the way. Here's the skinny -

Hauntfest is on Saturday, October 30th (or 30st*) and is an all-ages event. Minors must be accompanied by adults. You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase drink tickets and consume alcohol.
  • 5 PM - E 5th St between Patterson Blvd & Wayne Ave, including the 5th & Wayne intersection will be closed to traffic so Hauntfest set-up may commence.
  • 7 PM - Hauntfest Opens! Admission is $5.00 until 10 PM.
  • 7 PM-1 AM - Be immortalized! Strike a pose and smile and/or snarl for the cameras.
  • 10 PM - Admission to Hauntfest increases to $10.00
  • 12 AM Midnight - Beer ticket sales end. Stock up on tickets early!
  • 12:30 AM - Beer trucks close. It's a party! Share any extra tickets with your friends!
  • 1 AM - Hauntfest officially ends. Get thee home, or to thy favorite tavern. And don't forget your Designated Driver!


*In troubled economic times, money saving efforts are always a good idea. A little was saved this year by re-using last year's street banners. The date on the banners was corrected by painting a zero over the number 1 to make 31 become 30. Unfortunately, the suffix on the dates wasn't corrected to go along with the numbers, so at least some of the banners read "Oct 30st" instead of "Oct 30th". Just one insignificant and slightly humorous way that too much cost-cutting can go wrong. Which reminds me... Please, vote YES on Issue 9 to renew existing Montgomery County Human Services funding. Voting No will only serve to increase hardships on those with special needs (mental and physical help, employment services, etc) of all ages - the loss of such help and services will have a ripple effect throughout the Miami Valley. Vote Yes on Issue 9. If you think things are tough now, wait until this existing help comes to a screeching halt. Vote YES on Issue 9, the Montgomery County Human Services Levy Renewal.

Grandpa Harold's dog, Bix, a FREE movie and good jazz

Bonnett's Bookstore's founder, Harold Bonnett, was a fan of Jazz music and Dixieland Jazz in particular. Bix Beiderbecke was one of his favorite perfomers; so much so that he named one of his dogs after him.

Grandpa had many dogs through the years, but Bix was his "shop dog". They would walk together to and from work every day.

Bix was small and well-behaved enough to not be in the way at the store (back then the shop wasn't quite as crowded as it has become). I don't know if Bix was a mix or not, but Grandpa never worried over pedigree. Like a dog, Grandpa was a good judge of character and took in his pets based on their good attitudes, rather than their Papers.

If you've ever seen the cartoon "The Ren & Stimpy Show", you may have noticed that Ren spoke in a voice reminiscent of actor Peter Lorre. Lorre and Chihuahuas share the facial characteristic of slightly bulging eyes, and many of Lorre's best known roles (Casablanca, The Maltese Falcon) were played in a twitchy, nervous, Chihuahua-like fashion. Bix was nervous in the same way. A lot of people compulsively wanted to pet him, but if Bix didn't want to be bothered he'd just walk away; no snipping or yapping. He was a good-natured dog.

Because of a little black and brown dog we were introduced to the work of a very talented musician.

Wednesday 2010/11/03, 7:00 pm, The NEON Movies presents "BIX", a 1991 documentary about Bix Beiderbecke, FREE!

Friday 2010/11/12, 8:30 pm, Gilly's Jazz Club presents Dave Greer's Classic Jazz Stompers' Tribute to Bix Beiderbecke featuring Special Guest Andy Schumm $12.00

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Digital Comic Museum

Digital Comic Museum
Found this thanks to Cory Doctorow/BoingBoing on Twitter.
One of the greatest things on the Internet since IMDb, the Digital Comic Museum.

@boingboing or
@doctorow or
@twitter or
@IMDb or

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bonnett's Bookstore Trivia: Books & their Movies (1939)

As this Google Doodle so gracefully reminds us...

Today (8/12/2010) marks the 71st anniversary of the release of The Wizard of Oz (1939). I'm sure many of you share our sentiment that Oz is indeed one of the most wonderful worlds ever translated from the bookshelf to the big screen. The many forms Oz has been given over the years are a clear statement of the enduring connection this film has made with so many of us, all over the world. And, the fact that the tale can exist successfully in so many variations speaks volumes about it's impact on everyone who's seen it.

Oz trivia abounds! There's no way to cover it all in a single post. If you want to know more, watch the bonus features on your movies, search the internets, and be sure to have a lot of time set aside for doing so.  ;-)

BONNETT'S Short List of Recommended OZes:
  • The Wiz starring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson
  • Tin Man with Zooey Deschanel, Alan Cumming, and Neal McDonough
  • Wicked: The Musical, based on the remarkable "untold story" of the witches of OZ and based on the remarkable book by Gregory Maguire.

And now for the Bonnett's Trivia part of the post...

Bonnett's Book Store was also "released" in 1939. The year was full of good company! Our exciting, graceful, and timeless compadres of 1939 include Batman - then known as the Bat-Man, and the film versions of Gone with the Wind, Wuthering Heights, and the first of the Sherlock Holmes movies starring Basil Rathbone, and a whole lot more.

The truly amazing thing about all this is that these great and beloved works all began as books! What's that you say? Batman isn't a book? Well... OK. I could be snide and tell you, "They're called comic BOOKS, aren't they?" But you deserve better, so here it is... Bonus Trivia!

The look of Bob Kane's Batman is said to have been inspired by another movie - based on a book!
The Bat Whispers movie was based on The Bat, a book and play by Mary Roberts Rinehart & Avery Hopwood. The Bat wore a costume and mask with a cape, and climbed around on ropes, but... he was a criminal! In the opening titles of the movies there's a great silhouette shot of The Bat disappearing quickly up a rope just like our beloved hero. And now you know.

I hope you've enjoyed these bits of book-land trivia. I love this kind of stuff and could go on and on, but I want to post this while it's still the 71st Anniversary of Oz in my time zone. If you've been kind or interested enough to bear with me through the whole post there's one last thing I'd like to share... a blog "easter egg", if you will, like those sometimes found on DVD's and in films (Did you see R2-D2 in the 2009 Star Trek movie? You'll have to find that one on your own), and I hope you will heartily enjoy... this. :-)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine & convention

Remember those creepy ghouls that stared at you from the newsstand and gave you nightmares when you were a kid? Just like a good monster in a bad sequel, or the undead from the grave, FAMOUS MONSTERS of FILMLAND RETURNS!!!

To celebrate the resurrection of the monstrous minions of mayhem, a convention hath been wrought from the primal forces binding together the very elements of the universe, for the dark edification of we poor mortal souls, that we may bear witness and spread word on trembling tongues of it's impending, gruesome re-birth.

You've been warned...        

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Links added to Underlined Passages in the sidebar

Two new links have been added to the sidebar. Most readers of this blog will already be familiar with the first: is an excellent source of information about most all aspects of life in downtown Dayton and the region as a whole. You'll find news and information about upcoming events of all kinds and you can throw in your two-cents worth by joining in on the discussions there.
I've been meaning to include it's link here many times for a long while and something has always interrupted my workflow at those moments. Now, it is done! Partake, enjoy, and tell your friends about

The next link isn't as well known, yet, but I find myself tripping over it more and more often as I wander the Internet. With a name like Delectable Dayton you'd think this was a food site, but it's focus is neighborhood improvement projects.
Most of the articles that have caught my attention so far are proposals or reports on projects/ideas in their earliest stages. Because of that fact there is little or nothing yet to be seen, so, many articles are accompanied by photos of other places which have done similar things, helping to illustrate the possibilities.

Finally, added to the Links List, there's Food vs. Face! FvF features recipes for many tasty dishes and the best reviews of the local restaurants few others are likely to review.
I love to eat cheap, enjoy what I eat, and have fun doing it! If you agree with that statement Food vs. Face will help you explore cuisine in the Dayton area.

Bon Apetit!

Enjoy the new links!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Variation on Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" by Duante Beddingfield

A friend of the shop shared this on Facebook a while back. I found the work delightful in it's humor and, thanks to the author's fine craftsmanship, the rhythm remains intact. There are many variations of "Jabberwocky" across the Internets, but few are as accessible and entertaining as this one. At the bottom is a link to one gentleman's collection of other "Jabberwocky" variations, but I hope this one puts the same smile upon you, dear reader, that it did for me.

Saladbarry [A Rhyme of the Salad Bar]
by Duante Beddingfield
Based on Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

'Twas lunchtime, and the forky prongs
did stab and stammer 'gainst the plate;
all bendy were the saladtongs,
and the Jello cubes ornate.

"Beware the Saladbar, my son!
The hams that cube, the beeves that roast!
Beware the Gravy skin and shun
the mouldy Raisintoast!"

He took the sticky spoon in hand:
In hunger threebean soup he prayed--
But leaned his hand on the Softserve stand,
And thought himself afraid.

And as he thought in hunger hard,
The Saladbar, with flamin' yawn
Came roaring through the sneezy guard,
With burblings of flan!

He faced it through! and on a chew
An artichoke snapped cricker-crack!
He ate its heart, and with a fart
He went a-slogging back.

"And hast thou braved the Saladbar?
Come hither thee, my wellfed chap!
O braise, o baste! Not want! Not waste!"
He thundered with a clap.

'Twas lunchtime, and the forky prongs
Did stab and stammer 'gainst the plate;
All bendy were the saladtongs,
And the Jello cubes ornate.

For more variations on the classic "Jabberwocky" look here:

Monday, April 26, 2010

Two FREE movie passes!!!

See "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" for FREE at The NEON Movies!
We have 2 Passes for Two to give away. Each pass is valid for Monday through Thursday showings for the duration of this run of the film at The NEON. The passes are good beginning Monday 5/3/10.

Just stop in at Bonnett's (Noon - 8pm) Mon-Sat, and tell us where you found out about the tickets. Did you find out through Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or FourSquare? First come, first served! Only 2 passes available. Hurry!

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" opens Friday, April 30 at The NEON Movies in Dayton, Ohio!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" at The NEON Movies begins 4/30/10

Steig Larsson's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" is coming to The NEON Movies on April 30th.

In the next few days we'll be giving away two free passes, good for two admissions each, during any of the Monday through Thursday showings of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" at NEON through the film's run at that location. Stay tuned for more information on how to win free tickets to "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"!

Here's how to stay up-to-date with Bonnett's Book Store:

Iceland volcano good for business

A pair of very nice gentlemen from the United Kingdom came to Dayton for an Anniversary Reunion of the Doolittle Raiders and the fly-in of more than a dozen Mitchell B-25 aircraft of the type used in the Doolittle Raid. I am ashamed to say I missed the event. I will likely never have another opportunity to witness such a display of these aircraft. I regret it more and more, the more I think about it, and I completely understand that aviation buffs from the U.K. would come here for the occasion.

Unfortunately, these two visitors from across the pond are unable to return home as scheduled because of the volcanic ash cloud that's been making a mess of things throughout Europe, and then some. On the bright side, the men are Aviation buffs. For that reason alone, they probably couldn't get stuck in a better town than the "Birthplace of Aviation".

Finding a lot of free time on their hands they began to explore Dayton and found their way into Bonnett's. Each found a nice aviation tome to take home when that time arrives. We wish them a pleasant stay and a safe journey home.

So, thank you, you unpronounceable Icelandic volcano. You provided us with two new customers, and helped us spread the good word of Bonnett's Books and Dayton, Ohio to the rest of the world.

From mental_floss "The Quick 10: The Scrumdidlyumptious Roald Dahl"

I love Roald Dahl's stories. Only a few days ago I was strongly recommending them to some parents for their own child. But something about Dahl's fantastic creatures and the connections to food made me giggle a bit at the idea of the linked article's publication on 4/20.

I've only ever read "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator", and "James and the Giant Peach". The Charlie books were the first time I learned of sequels; and the Vermicious Knids, allegedly mentioned in all three of these books (and at least one other of Dahl's works) were the first fictional characters for which I felt dread. They altered my perception in many ways that I can barely recall and couldn't begin to explain, because I was too young to comprehend what had happened.

All are works of great imagination and fantasy, yet each maintained enough real-world touch-stones that I could easily relate to each one. They were as well, perhaps, something of a bridge to my youthful love of science fiction. I remember dwelling on the workings of the Elevator and the interactions of the 'alien' species working together in the Giant Peach, even when I was away from the books.

As much as I love those three books, oddly, I never went on to read other works by Dahl. Stranger still, as a book dealer, I have yet to cross paths with "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" and had never heard of it until it became the latest movie from Wes Anderson. "Matilda", "The Witches", and "The BFG" turn up often enough... why not Fox? I can't answer that, but, the only reason I posted this is because, as I said at the top, I love Roald Dahl's stories. Great for kids, young and old alike. I'm glad someone at mental_floss took the time to remind us of his wonderful tales, even if it came on a somewhat humorous date.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Comics into movies: "The Losers"

I remember "The Losers" as a WWII comic from DC. That is, it was an early `70's publication set in WWII. I was never a big fan of war comics, but when I heard about "The Losers" movie I wanted to dig a little deeper.

Wikipedia helped set my mental record straight. "The Losers" I remember were each from different branches of the military, assembled as a crack team of commandos to take on the worst jobs of WWII. Each team member had lost personnel under their command, so they dubbed themselves "The Losers". These stories were written by Robert Kanigher and drawn by Russ Heath.

Later, DC transferred the title to their Vertigo line. Vertigo was created in the `90's to showcase edgier stories than normal DC fare, including adult situations and concepts. For Vertigo "The Losers" were modernized by making them each members of a more covert-ops/special forces sort of squad.

"The Losers" movie is based on the Vertigo version of the comics and, after viewing the trailer and reviewing the Wiki about the comics, it seems to borrow fairly heavily from the premise of "The A-Team", in that the main characters have somehow become outcasts from and/or enemies of the organizations to which they'd originally pledged their lives.

I suspect "The A-Team" will probably be the better movie, with the star-power to make their plans come together.

If you're a fan of these, you will probably also enjoy "The Expendables", and have probably already seen "Inglourious Basterds". In all, it looks like a great summer for good old action flicks.

For more action and adventure between these exciting films there are plenty of similar books at Bonnett's Books to help you pass the time. Stop by to check out our huge selection of action/adventure books, military fiction, military history, war stories, and pulp fiction, including "The Destroyer", "The Executioner", "Able Team", "Stony Man", "Doc Savage", miscellaneous war comics, and action movies on DVD.

Learn more about "The Losers" here:
The Losers (comics) on Wikipedia -
The Losers on don Markstein's Toonopedia -
The Losers (DC WWII version by Jack Kirby) -
The Losers (Vertigo/movie inspiration) -
The Losers movie listing on IMDb -
The Losers movie official site (movie trailer) -

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Harry Potter "Steamer Trunk" Book Set

A mysterious package has arrived at Bonnett's. It's markings indicate it belonged to Harry Potter, but the delivery label on top seems to indicate the trunk was intended for someone else. I wonder who?

The latch doesn't appear to be locked, but we wouldn't want to pry into Harry's business, would we? There might be a booby-trap or some protection of wizardry.

I do not wish to pry, but I should take a better look at this box. I'll just pick it up by it's sturdy rope handles and move it to a more well-lit spot.

Much better. But wait... the delivery label has a Hogwart's mark! This was sent from the school, but to whom?

How would a muggle like me return a package to Hogwart's? I don't know any owls to carry it back there; I haven't a Phoenix to fly it home; I don't know what to do...

I'll have to risk opening the crate. Maybe there will be a clue inside.

I'll carefully, very carefully, turn the latch... there. Now to raise the lid. Harry wouldn't mail anything dangerous to others, right? And, I'd very much like to figure out where this trunk belongs.

A-ha! It's a complete set of Harry Potter's stories! I feel silly for worrying so much. And what's this? A sheet of stickers for the case featuring many destinations in the Harry Potter adventures. Harry must have intended us to share his wonderous and magical tales with our customers.

All the Harry Potter books in one sturdy place! It's certainly a fine collector's item for any Harry Potter fan, young or old. I hope you'll visit us to learn more.

One such item available in-store for only $125.00 (originally priced at $195.00). The set is unread, sticker set complete/unused, and in as-new condition on the whole.

Bonnett's Book Store - 502 E 5th St, Dayton, OH - Mon-Sat, Noon-8pm - 937.228.1222

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is Walter Bonnett's 75th birthday. He found his way out of the material world just 11 months ago. Dad was responsible for helping us, and those around him, learn to appreciate literature, music, movies, art and other cultural aspects of life.

One of his favorite films was "The Wizard of Oz" and one of his favorite songs was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". He shared his gracious appreciation of wonder with all those around him, all through his life, and throughout ours.

On the day of, and within the hour following his memorial service, while family gathered quietly, there was a small storm which produced a Rainbow. It was, in fact, a double rainbow for a time.

So, thanks, Dad. Thanks for All the Rainbows. And Happy Birthday. You are missed.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Something I didn't tell you...

Tuesday I wrote about popular things around the shop of late.

I mentioned a book seen in the movie "Apocalypse Now" that is said to have inspired T.S. Eliot to write "The Wasteland". The book in the movie was "From Ritual to Romance" and what I didn't tell you is that it's a study of Arthurian legend and religion. Today, in completely unrelated endeavors, I tripped over this article discussing some of the literary and historical aspects of one of the better known stories from the realm of King Arthur's Camelot, "Sir Gawain and The Green Knight."

from the Masterworks of British Literature blog.

I was amazed to find this the day after making that other post. I couldn't help but share.

While I'm at it, I may as well mention that we've got a great selection of classic books about King Arthur, Merlin, Camelot, and the Knights of the Round Table, including expansions to those tales, and some wonderful re-imaginings. I'm not sure, but we might even have a movie or two... but, at the moment, not "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," so, I hope you'll enjoy this clip of the LEGO version. Good day.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Daytonology: Daytonology Two Year Anniversary

Daytonology: Daytonology Two Year Anniversary

Don't let the name fool you! Daytonology is about the region, not just the city. And don't waste time checking it out. The author, Jefferey, says he's gonna delete it. Not sure why it has to be deleted, but you best get over there and get yer knowledge on while you still can.

It's been one of my favorite sites during it's short life. I don't know why I haven't mentioned it here before now. Go. NOW! Before it's too late.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Popular items lately

Golden Globe Awards, NFL Playoffs, Winter Olympics and Academy Awards on deck. With all this competition in the air I'm in the mood to give out some awards of my own. No nominees, no runner-up, just callin' 'em like I see 'em.

  • "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald
'Gatsby' is on someone's assigned reading list, so, if you know someone who needs it, send them our way. There are plenty available. And remember, you can trade them in when you've finished! "The Great Gatsby" is our "Most Requested Title" book lately and our most requested title so far in 2010. Leave it to the classics to start the list.

  • "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold
I knew it was popular, but I didn't know it had been made into a movie. I hear about it at home because my wife plans to read it, and I see it here at the store every day. Now the movie trailers are all over TV. Good thing though. I didn't know what the book was about until I saw the trailer. Looks like an interesting read. I love wordplay so the award for "Saturation Awareness" goes to "The Lovely Bones."

  • T.S. Eliot gets the honor of "Most Requested Writer".
It all began with a request for a book seen behind Marlon Brando's character of Kurtz in "Apocalypse Now." We didn't know the title, but we knew it contained the word "Romance." After some searching we learned the book was "From Ritual to Romance" by Jessie L. Weston, and there, on IMDb, this book was said to have inspired T.S. Eliot to write "The Wasteland." Interesting. Shortly thereafter, and again today, customers came in looking specifically for T.S. Eliot.

Perhaps it's all this attention to T.S. Eliot that subliminally inspired me to pose Mr. T with our currently available copies of "The Great Gatsby." For what it's worth, there's a trailer out for a movie based on "The A-Team" which, even though I was never a huge fan of the show, looks like it's going to be really good. So, Honorable Mention goes to "The A-Team Move Trailer."

So many books become movies. So many TV shows spawn book series. I've touched on the subject in this blog before. Movies from comics and comics into books, and anime and manga. It's all connected and there's something of it all to be found at Bonnett's. Come take a look around and maybe you'll help give rise to the next set of "Bonnett's Awards." ;-)