Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bonnett's Books & The Oregon Historic & Arts District

SCRABBLE® is a word game.
Bonnett's is a book store.
We'd make a great team!

We'll be open extra hours during the National Championship, including special Sunday hours, but it will depend somewhat on the flow of business. Call us before you make a special trip down, just in case.

Bonnett's is just a short walk from the Dayton Convention Center. When you leave the Convention Center main entrance just turn right and head down Fifth Street. On the way you'll find some Dayton legends:

[We hope you'll enjoy your time in Dayton for the National SCRABBLE Championship. To help you find your way around we've got a list here with links of places to go and things to do during your down time. As always, call ahead to help avoid any disappointments.]
If you cut through Gem City Records' parking lot you'll find
  • Jay's Seafood on Sixth Street (fine seafood and more at great prices) and
  • Thai 9 on Brown Street (excellent Thai food, sushi, and 9 levels of spicy, I stick to a 4 or 5)
or stay on Fifth to visit
turn right on Brown Street to find

across Fifth Street
meanwhile, back on this side...
look across the street to find
and back over here
again, look to the other side of Fifth
  • The Annex (more for Adults Only)
and back over here...
  • 464 on Fifth (Adults Only, catering to same-sex couples)
and over there...
  • Goodwill (forgot to bring a belt, tie, shoes, or little black dress for the awards ceremony?)
and back again...
across the street you'll find
  • Link Gallery (from blown glass to sketches, items for all tastes)
  • Goloka Gallery (always something new and interesting)
  • Ohio Budokan Karate, Sensei Jim Rodriguez (to balance mind, body, and spirit)
and back again (are you getting dizzy yet?)
  • The Trolley Stop (a great place to chill-out with a brew, friends, food, plus live music)
which way to turn, where to go? venture down the side of the Trolley Stop on Clay Street to find
back to the Trolley Stop and across Fifth Street again
  • Sloopy's (dancing, party bar/night club, if you can squeeze in the door)
and the adventure continues across Wayne Avenue
Now turn around and do it all again on the way back! ;-)

The possibilities are nearly endless! Have a great time and good luck in the Championship!

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