Friday, July 31, 2009

Bonnett's Directory of Dayton's "Oregon District"

The other day I posted a list of places to go and things to do on East Fifth Street. I mistakenly left out a few of our friends on Wayne Ave. (coming from the Convention Center, turn right at Fifth & Wayne):
Also, one BIG update! Our friends at Derailed Hair Salon are mentioned in the August 2009 issue of ELLE for their participation in the magazine's "Best Hair in America" poll, in which ELLE sought out the most requested celebrity hair styles across the U.S. of A. Stop by and say "Hi".

Finally, here's a (renamed) link back to the original post with the majority of East Fifth Street attractions:

Enjoy your stay in Dayton!

Oh, one more thing... The Oregon District is Dayton's oldest neighborhood and features a lot of excellent photo ops.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Not your average dictionary

If you're a word junkie you've already got the standard reference books, and we do, too. Here are a few titles you might not have stumbled upon - available now at Bonnett's, just a few blocks walk East of the Dayton Convention Center (we're across the street from a Goodwill store):

10 Minute Guide to Building Your Vocabulary

Dictionary of Geological Terms (3rd Ed.) prepared by the American Geological Institute
Dictionary of Word Origins
Getting Your Words' Worth - Discovering and Enjoying Phantonyms, Gramograms, Anagrams and Other Fascinating Word Phenomena
The Joy of Vocabulary - An Advanced Guide to Mastering New Words
Names & Nicknames of Places & Things - An A-t0-Z compendium of culture
Phonetics [because sometimes it helps to sound out a word]
Super Word Power - More entertaining ways to enrich your laguage skills.
Tuttle Dictionary of New Words Since 1960 (1991 edition)
Webster's New Explorer Medical Dictionary
and, of course, much, much more...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bonnett's Books & The Oregon Historic & Arts District

SCRABBLE® is a word game.
Bonnett's is a book store.
We'd make a great team!

We'll be open extra hours during the National Championship, including special Sunday hours, but it will depend somewhat on the flow of business. Call us before you make a special trip down, just in case.

Bonnett's is just a short walk from the Dayton Convention Center. When you leave the Convention Center main entrance just turn right and head down Fifth Street. On the way you'll find some Dayton legends:

[We hope you'll enjoy your time in Dayton for the National SCRABBLE Championship. To help you find your way around we've got a list here with links of places to go and things to do during your down time. As always, call ahead to help avoid any disappointments.]
If you cut through Gem City Records' parking lot you'll find
  • Jay's Seafood on Sixth Street (fine seafood and more at great prices) and
  • Thai 9 on Brown Street (excellent Thai food, sushi, and 9 levels of spicy, I stick to a 4 or 5)
or stay on Fifth to visit
turn right on Brown Street to find

across Fifth Street
meanwhile, back on this side...
look across the street to find
and back over here
again, look to the other side of Fifth
  • The Annex (more for Adults Only)
and back over here...
  • 464 on Fifth (Adults Only, catering to same-sex couples)
and over there...
  • Goodwill (forgot to bring a belt, tie, shoes, or little black dress for the awards ceremony?)
and back again...
across the street you'll find
  • Link Gallery (from blown glass to sketches, items for all tastes)
  • Goloka Gallery (always something new and interesting)
  • Ohio Budokan Karate, Sensei Jim Rodriguez (to balance mind, body, and spirit)
and back again (are you getting dizzy yet?)
  • The Trolley Stop (a great place to chill-out with a brew, friends, food, plus live music)
which way to turn, where to go? venture down the side of the Trolley Stop on Clay Street to find
back to the Trolley Stop and across Fifth Street again
  • Sloopy's (dancing, party bar/night club, if you can squeeze in the door)
and the adventure continues across Wayne Avenue
Now turn around and do it all again on the way back! ;-)

The possibilities are nearly endless! Have a great time and good luck in the Championship!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Need Pulps, Pin-Ups, & Dictionaries? Give us a call!

Since there's no PulpCon in Dayton this year we'll miss seeing the familiar faces and enjoying the eccentric discussions we've had in the past. It's always been an exciting and interesting experience. We hope some of you will stop by on your way to or from PulpFest.

Pulp, Comic, & Pin-Up fans, if you've never been to Bonnett's you should plan to visit while you're nearby.

  • We're considering extending our hours this weekend for the National SCRABBLE Championship here and for any PulpFest folks who might pass by, but we haven't finalized details yet.
  • If you have any questions about what you can find at Bonnett's or you would like to plan a visit, call us at 937-228-1222
  • Regular hours: Mon - Sat, Noon - 8:00 PM (please call during these hours for more info)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Julia Child finds & more

We've always got a great selection of cookbooks featuring styles and recipes from all over the world. Since the new movie "Julie & Julia" is coming out soon I thought I'd mention a few of the related items you can find on our shelves right now.

"In Julia's Kitchen with Master Chefs" by Julia Child

[from the cover] "She invites 26 great cooks from across the country into her own kitchen, cooks with them, and unearths their secrets. And for the home cook she details 150 superb recipes, full of the exciting new flavors of American cooking today."

"Julia's Kitchen Wisdom" by Julia Child

[from the cover] "Essential techniques and recipes from a lifetime of cooking."

"La Cuisine de France" by Mapie, the Countess de Toulouse-Lautrec

(translated by Charlotte Turgeon) [from the cover] "The MODERN French Cookbook"

And, for those just getting started, or those who would like a refresher course, we have "The Beginner's Cookbook" with chapters on Nutrition, Preparation, Methods, Utensils, Pantry supplies, Herbs & Spices, and a wide range of recipes on which to try out your skills.

We've got a great selection of books about grilling, tailgating, picnics, and other outdoor eating fun. And don't forget parties! There are cocktails, appetizers, salads, soups, international foods, vegetarian dishes, and desserts to consider.

This list covers a lot of ground, but if you come take a look you'll find a lot of great cooking ideas for which I haven't room to mention in one blog post. Come on down and look around.

Mon - Sat, Noon - 8 PM

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

New Bar Smell? The Tumbleweed is OPEN

The Tumbleweed Connection bar re-opened it's doors today after a terrible fire in mid-February.
Stop in and welcome them back!

I stopped in for a PBR with my son. Crappy phonecam pic available here.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

We the People...

The remastered version of the original Star Trek series episode, "The Omega Glory," airs locally tonight on NBC around 1:00 am, following a rerun of Saturday Night Live.

In this (mostly ridiculous) episode "E Pleb Neesta" is a bastardization of "We the People" and the name by which the pictured character, Cloud William, and his people, the Yangs, refer to their inexplicably obtained copy of the Constitution of the United States of America (and US Flag, and...).

Again, I must stress that this is one of the worst episodes of Star Trek ever, but... William Shatner's stilted performance* (which has become iconic by the reckoning of today's comedians), for a few moments has an authenticity that will give you goose bumps of national pride.

Surely you're wondering why I'm writing about Star Trek on Independence Day. If you wash away all the bad elements of this teleplay there's still something of worth underneath. I am completely baffled as to how so much contrivance and confusion could have made it into one tale, past editors, and to the screen.** But again, there's the tiniest of gems hidden inside, completely appropriate to Independence Day in the United States of America.

As bad as this episode is, it is probably more timely now than it ever was. It features a people, the Yangs, who worship documents they don't understand at all. They do have a small sense of what these things mean, but the Yangs have lost the language skills to actually read and comprehend the words, making the original purpose of those words meaningless.

Please visit and comprehend the founding of our country by reading "The Constitution of the United States of America" and related information found here:

Have a SAFE and Happy Independence Day weekend! :-)

*This is the episode that best illustrates the over-dramatic and pause-y style so often attributed to William Shatner.
**A subject I may explore another time on my personal blog, BonK!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Fearsome First Friday

It was a big night for Horror, Thrillers, Hard-boiled fiction, and similar DVDs. But now, it's time to wrap up and head for home. We'll be open again tomorrow (July 4th, 2009) from Noon until 5pm... maybe later if there are enough people around.

Have a happy and SAFE Independence Day.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

"Play" by BJSR (Another Bonnett's sighting!)

The YouTube title of this video is "Music Video Shot on iPhone". It looks great. I'm impressed with the tech.

Better still, it's well done. Good concept and editing to go along with a very nice tune. I like it! :-)

Beyond that, it's local! Scenes shot on Fifth Street include many of the fine shops in the Oregon District, including our favorite used book store, BONNETT'S.

But wait... there's more!

The word game Scrabble is featured throughout the video.

Did you know the North American Scrabble Players Association (NASPA) will be holding their tournament and championship at the Dayton Convention Center. August 1 - 5

Kudos to BJSR for a job well done!

My only question is... could the iPhone actually make and receive calls from all the locations seen in the video? ;-)