Thursday, February 04, 2010

Harry Potter "Steamer Trunk" Book Set

A mysterious package has arrived at Bonnett's. It's markings indicate it belonged to Harry Potter, but the delivery label on top seems to indicate the trunk was intended for someone else. I wonder who?

The latch doesn't appear to be locked, but we wouldn't want to pry into Harry's business, would we? There might be a booby-trap or some protection of wizardry.

I do not wish to pry, but I should take a better look at this box. I'll just pick it up by it's sturdy rope handles and move it to a more well-lit spot.

Much better. But wait... the delivery label has a Hogwart's mark! This was sent from the school, but to whom?

How would a muggle like me return a package to Hogwart's? I don't know any owls to carry it back there; I haven't a Phoenix to fly it home; I don't know what to do...

I'll have to risk opening the crate. Maybe there will be a clue inside.

I'll carefully, very carefully, turn the latch... there. Now to raise the lid. Harry wouldn't mail anything dangerous to others, right? And, I'd very much like to figure out where this trunk belongs.

A-ha! It's a complete set of Harry Potter's stories! I feel silly for worrying so much. And what's this? A sheet of stickers for the case featuring many destinations in the Harry Potter adventures. Harry must have intended us to share his wonderous and magical tales with our customers.

All the Harry Potter books in one sturdy place! It's certainly a fine collector's item for any Harry Potter fan, young or old. I hope you'll visit us to learn more.

One such item available in-store for only $125.00 (originally priced at $195.00). The set is unread, sticker set complete/unused, and in as-new condition on the whole.

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