Sunday, January 06, 2013

How was 1/5/13 at Bonnett's Books?

If yesterday was a perfect example of why I'm blogging daily highlights at the shop, today was a perfect example of why it's NOT a good idea.

1/5/13 - Yesterday's lightbulb-changing activity apparently took it's toll on my upper back and neck muscles, which are not accustomed to working in an arms-above-the-head configuration. I didn't mention the fact that I had also labored on my shower head at home before work. In short, any discussions that may have taken place were conducted through a manageable but persistent, distracting, and wearying haze of pain.

What I remember is vague... There was some talk of local jazz venues and musicians, an observation of wide-ranging variety of sports available this afternoon - on broadcast TV alone (meaning no cables or dishes or other forms of paid TV), some passing commentary on the state of the Union, and Greg's Black Bean & Garlic chili.

I'm sure it was all more interesting that I was capable of perceiving. Sunday, being a day of rest, will be used for same.

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