Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Holiday Deals, Hours, Updates

The 2016 Holiday Season brings some Sale Pricing to Bonnett's!

10% off nearly everything we offer through Christmas Eve!

Dec. 2nd First Friday! Find an item in any of our social media streams, show it at check out, and get an extra 15% off!

As always, quality Trade-Ins are welcome, but sale pricing does not apply to trades.

Hours! Some of you may know our 2-man operation has been halved due to a health issue. I open the shop daily, Mon-Sat as always, but am unable to arrive until mid-late afternoon. The time fluctuates, but I update my arrival time via our Facebook page & Twitter (@BonnettsBooks).

Updates! For now, look for our featured items, latest arrivals, & special selections by following @BonnettsBooks on Instagram, Twitter, Swarm, Flickr, & Pinterest.

We can be found on other sites & apps, too, but updates are infrequent, if they happen at all. Just search for Bonnett's Books or Bonnett's Book Store.

That about covers things for now. Stay tuned, Happy Holidays, and I hope to see you soon!

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