Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Variation on Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" by Duante Beddingfield

A friend of the shop shared this on Facebook a while back. I found the work delightful in it's humor and, thanks to the author's fine craftsmanship, the rhythm remains intact. There are many variations of "Jabberwocky" across the Internets, but few are as accessible and entertaining as this one. At the bottom is a link to one gentleman's collection of other "Jabberwocky" variations, but I hope this one puts the same smile upon you, dear reader, that it did for me.

Saladbarry [A Rhyme of the Salad Bar]
by Duante Beddingfield
Based on Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

'Twas lunchtime, and the forky prongs
did stab and stammer 'gainst the plate;
all bendy were the saladtongs,
and the Jello cubes ornate.

"Beware the Saladbar, my son!
The hams that cube, the beeves that roast!
Beware the Gravy skin and shun
the mouldy Raisintoast!"

He took the sticky spoon in hand:
In hunger threebean soup he prayed--
But leaned his hand on the Softserve stand,
And thought himself afraid.

And as he thought in hunger hard,
The Saladbar, with flamin' yawn
Came roaring through the sneezy guard,
With burblings of flan!

He faced it through! and on a chew
An artichoke snapped cricker-crack!
He ate its heart, and with a fart
He went a-slogging back.

"And hast thou braved the Saladbar?
Come hither thee, my wellfed chap!
O braise, o baste! Not want! Not waste!"
He thundered with a clap.

'Twas lunchtime, and the forky prongs
Did stab and stammer 'gainst the plate;
All bendy were the saladtongs,
And the Jello cubes ornate.

For more variations on the classic "Jabberwocky" look here:

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  1. My mistake. For posterity I should mention that the actual title of Duante Beddingfield's variation on Jabberwocky is "Saladbarry".