Thursday, April 01, 2010

Comics into movies: "The Losers"

I remember "The Losers" as a WWII comic from DC. That is, it was an early `70's publication set in WWII. I was never a big fan of war comics, but when I heard about "The Losers" movie I wanted to dig a little deeper.

Wikipedia helped set my mental record straight. "The Losers" I remember were each from different branches of the military, assembled as a crack team of commandos to take on the worst jobs of WWII. Each team member had lost personnel under their command, so they dubbed themselves "The Losers". These stories were written by Robert Kanigher and drawn by Russ Heath.

Later, DC transferred the title to their Vertigo line. Vertigo was created in the `90's to showcase edgier stories than normal DC fare, including adult situations and concepts. For Vertigo "The Losers" were modernized by making them each members of a more covert-ops/special forces sort of squad.

"The Losers" movie is based on the Vertigo version of the comics and, after viewing the trailer and reviewing the Wiki about the comics, it seems to borrow fairly heavily from the premise of "The A-Team", in that the main characters have somehow become outcasts from and/or enemies of the organizations to which they'd originally pledged their lives.

I suspect "The A-Team" will probably be the better movie, with the star-power to make their plans come together.

If you're a fan of these, you will probably also enjoy "The Expendables", and have probably already seen "Inglourious Basterds". In all, it looks like a great summer for good old action flicks.

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