Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Iceland volcano good for business

A pair of very nice gentlemen from the United Kingdom came to Dayton for an Anniversary Reunion of the Doolittle Raiders and the fly-in of more than a dozen Mitchell B-25 aircraft of the type used in the Doolittle Raid. I am ashamed to say I missed the event. I will likely never have another opportunity to witness such a display of these aircraft. I regret it more and more, the more I think about it, and I completely understand that aviation buffs from the U.K. would come here for the occasion.

Unfortunately, these two visitors from across the pond are unable to return home as scheduled because of the volcanic ash cloud that's been making a mess of things throughout Europe, and then some. On the bright side, the men are Aviation buffs. For that reason alone, they probably couldn't get stuck in a better town than the "Birthplace of Aviation".

Finding a lot of free time on their hands they began to explore Dayton and found their way into Bonnett's. Each found a nice aviation tome to take home when that time arrives. We wish them a pleasant stay and a safe journey home.

So, thank you, you unpronounceable Icelandic volcano. You provided us with two new customers, and helped us spread the good word of Bonnett's Books and Dayton, Ohio to the rest of the world.

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