Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Obligatory Star Trek post

Q: Are the Bonnett boys fans of "Star Trek"?
A: Yes. We grew up with it and have enjoyed the original series over and over again, in a wide range of situations, and with groups of friends in varying states of sobriety.

Q: Have you seen the new "Star Trek" movie from J.J. Abrams?
A: Yes. The new movie is a joyride of non-stop action and adventure, with a good dose of classic Trek references for we old-school types.

Q: How much Trek stuff do you have available in your store?
A: We've got a fair selection of paperbacks and a small batch of the (suprisingly interesting) Gold Key comic books. Then there are the ever popular (and official) Compendium, Concordance, Chronology, and Technical Manual. We've also got some older fan-published technical books with information about little-known starships and equipment that are great references for gamers.

Q: So, what's this photo about?
A: We enjoyed the movie, a lot, but there are some things about it that are hard for classic fans to swallow. Don't get me wrong... The new movie is still a filet mignon of a movie, but it's got a bit too much seasoning. The photo is an oblique editorial. It has mulitple interpretations in my own mind, but I'll keep them to myself. Enjoy the film. Enjoy the classics that brought us here. And, most of all, keep on Trekkin'!

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