Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Bonnett's Sighting

Lori Pritchard's "Heart & Light Photography" blog has recently featured some images from an Engagement photo session and our storefront is trying to remain unobtrusive in the background of this very nice photo. It's a nice coincidence that I should find such a photo the day after my own wedding anniversary.

Thank you to Lori (for not cropping too much). ;-)

And Congratulations to Laura & Erik. May all your years ahead be happy.

Dayton and Xenia Ohio Child Photographer Lori Pritchard» Blog Archive » E-Session with Erik and Laura:

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  1. Hi Kevin! Your welcome for not cropping :) It was Lauren and I's first visit to the Oregon District and we found the area so quaint with tons of cool architectural detailing. We will definitely return again :)

    ~Lori and Lauren