Saturday, November 01, 2008

A look at 1988 from November 1938

I was going through some of my old-magazine scans and this caught my eye... It's the back cover of the Nov. 1938 issue of Amazing Stories. After a bit, I realized that it is now November, 2008. "Amazing Stories" was looking ahead 50 years, and here we are 20 years beyond their prediction. Seventy years ago the future of flight looked like this:

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It just so happens that 2009 will be the 70th Anniversary of Bonnett's Book Store. A lot has changed since 1939, a lot has stayed the same, while some things have gone around and come back again. All that history is too much to cover here and now but I'm sure bits and pieces will find their way into the blog eventually. Stay tuned! :-)

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