Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LIFE Magazine Photo Archive Now Hosted by Google

We've always enjoyed LIFE magazines. Unfortunately, the issues people always seem to want (WWII era, Kennedy, Monroe, NASA) are not readily available. With that said, I'm pleased to announce that LIFE's vast and amazing photo archive is now just a few clicks away and easily searchable, thanks to Google. LIFE stopped publishing monthly issues in April, 2007.

Search for Dayton, OH to find plenty of images from Wright Patterson AFB and more. My favorites, from 1969 featuring "Blood Strip", are of an intersection that was once home to a traffic light, said to be the only one in a 180-mile stretch of highway between Louisville and Detroit. I don't know exactly where "Blood Strip" was located, but I remember a traffic light at I-75 and Little York Road when I was little. I also remember that our mother strongly disliked that intersection. These photos do not appear, to me, to be that intersection.

This site is going to be my favorite time-waster for some time to come. I'd love to hear about the images you find interesting. Please comment and send links! :-)

The color shot is my photo from Courthouse Square (7/8/07) of artist J. Seward Johnson's depiction of Alfred Eisenstaedt's famous kiss on VJ Day (8/14/45) in Times Square.

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