Wednesday, October 09, 2013

OCTOBER? Already?

Tonight I had time to notice that I haven't updated the blog since April. That April post included a (then) up-to-date visitors guide to Dayton, Ohio's Historic Oregon District. In these few short months that guide has changed quite a bit. With HAUNTFEST on FIFTH drawing near, and Holiday shopping around the corner, I figure I'd better set things right.

Oregon Shop Guide Update:
16 Brown Street remains home to Color of Energy Gallery, but is now shared with 2 brand new businesses: Hicks' The Bearded Barber & Spice Paradise. But what of The Record Gallery and Sew Dayton?

Never Fear! Sew Dayton moved a couple of blocks and around a corner to 261 Wayne Avenue, near PRESS Coffee Bar; and The Record Gallery joined forces with ReCreate Music Shop next to Feathers Vintage.

New to the scene are Lily's Bistro, Salar, and Wheat Penny restaurants, and Toxic Brew Company brewery.

Also, I've just noticed that our friends at Clash Consignment were neglected in the April guide, as well as Found Treasures 4 You. Corrected.

AND, as the April guide was aimed at a younger crowd, I intentionally left off Exotic Fantasies, Gem City Tattoo Club, and Glenn Scott's Oregon Tattoo Team, as well as the local bars known more for party-fun than dining: Pulse Nite Club, Club Vex, Newcom's Tavern, and Ned Pepper's!

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