Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Winter Guard International World Championships in Dayton

Winter Guard International (WGI) World Championships return April 11-20, 2013!

Info for Daytonians:
What is Winter Guard? Winter Guard Championships are really two separate competitions. Flag Corps and Drum Corps. I lived near a hotel as a kid and used to enjoy watching teams practice in the parking lot. If you really want to know about Winter Guard they'll explain it best themselves. Just visit!

Info for Visitors:
There are plenty of great things to see and do in the Dayton, OH area. Too many to list them all! Here are some highlights in the immediate vicinity of our shop, Bonnett's Book Store (our Facebook profile -we're also active on Twitter and Foursquare (check-in here for a discount)!

Our neighborhood is known as the Oregon District, the O.D. for short, the Oregon Historic District, and/or the Oregon Arts District. We're Historic for being Dayton's First neighborhood, and we're Arts for being home to a concentration of Galleries, Craft, Vintage, and Thrift shopping. Add to that numerous one-of-a-kind Taverns and Restaurants only found in Dayton, and it all adds up to one great way to exercise free time and grab a bite to eat!

What's here?
In order by geography, West to East - entirely walkable in good weather.
All parking is FREE in lots and streetside, but be careful not to park in a private lot. 
Bold listings may be of special interest to WGI visitors.
Italic listings represent places to eat.

130 E Fifth St - The Neon Movies - An independent cinema; the place to see quality films you won't find at the multiplex. I like to enjoy a beer with my popcorn!

120 S Patterson Blvd - Hauer Music - New and Used Drums, sheet music, and just about any musical instrument you might want. Brass, strings, keys, you name it!

200 E Fifth St - Smokin' BBQ - If you like barbecue you've gotta give this a try. Homemade sides and sauces! My favorite is the pulled pork sandwich.

225 E Sixth St - Jay's Seafood - Fine dining, steaks, and Always Fresh Fish!

318 E Fifth St - Omega Music - A huge selection of New & Used music on vinyl and more!

336 E Fifth St - The Oregon Express - By Day, a great place to take the family for the O.D.'s best pizza. By Night, a fine music destination. In warm weather, visit the deck for a nice view of downtown Dayton.

11 Brown St - Thai 9 - Excellent Sushi and Thai food. 9 levels of spicy hotness. Pad Thai is my favorite, and level 4 is hot enough for me.

16 Brown St (shared space) - The Color of Energy Gallery -  A Mike Elsass Art Gallery

16 Brown St (shared space) - The Record Gallery - Collectible Vinyl, CDs, Posters, Memorabilia, and more!

16 Brown St (shared space) - Sew Dayton - Fabrics, Classes, Accessories, Alterations, Repairs, and vintage flair! 

416 E Fifth St - 5th Street Wine and Deli - Fabulous sandwiches, a great selection of soft drinks, carry-out craft beer and wine, candy, gum, chips and more!

101 Pine St - Wiley's Comedy Niteclub - Dayton's First and Ohio's Oldest Comedy Club!

430 E Fifth St - Blind Bob's - Excellent specialty hamburgers, waffle fries, and more. Great place to have lunch or dinner during the day, and a fun place for drinks with friends at night! 

438 E Fifth St - ReCreate Music Shop - Used Musical Equipment, Service and Repair of Instruments, Amps, and Electronics.

440 E Fifth St - Feathers Vintage - Clothing, knick-knacks, memorabilia, toys, records, and more!

464 E Fifth St - Brim - Awesome hat shop! No ball caps found here.

501 E Fifth St - Goodwill - Need something cheap in a hurry? Belts, blouses, ties, shirts, and much more! I mean, everyone knows about Goodwill, right?

502 E Fifth St - Bonnett's Books (our Facebook page) - Discount used books, YA, manga, box sets, music books, DVDs, classics, comics, vintage magazines, and more!

504 E Fifth St - Practice Yoga - See their site for schedule and pricing. Drop-in beginner classes available!

506 E Fifth St - Derailed Salon - Need a haircut while you're in Dayton? Mindy and Austin can help you out.

508 E Fifth St - Gallery 510 & Peace on Fifth - Art, hand-made gifts, cards, accessories.

510 E Fifth St - Eclectic Essentials - Decor and more!

511 E Fifth St - Sterling Studio - Jewelry, gifts, originals, custom work!

520 E Fifth St - Lucky's Taproom and Eatery - Great food, beer battered fish - you choose the brew!

524 E Fifth St - Roost Modern Italian Restaurant - The most recent addition to the Oregon District's culinary extravaganza!

530 E Fifth St - The Trolley Stop - Pitas, burgers, quesadillas, tacos, soups, and vegan menu, and a great patio dining area!

601 E Fifth St - Ohio Budokan - Martial Arts and Japanese Culture Center - one free class for visitors!

605 E Fifth St - Jimmy Modern / Vintage - Great selection of mid-century modern decor, furniture and more!

300 Wayne Ave - The Dublin Pub - Last on the list, but definitely not least, outstanding food and great atmosphere!

Three blocks of awesome! And this is only a partial list! We hope you enjoy your visit to Dayton. Good luck to all WGI competitors from Bonnett's Book Store!

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