Monday, July 27, 2009

Julia Child finds & more

We've always got a great selection of cookbooks featuring styles and recipes from all over the world. Since the new movie "Julie & Julia" is coming out soon I thought I'd mention a few of the related items you can find on our shelves right now.

"In Julia's Kitchen with Master Chefs" by Julia Child

[from the cover] "She invites 26 great cooks from across the country into her own kitchen, cooks with them, and unearths their secrets. And for the home cook she details 150 superb recipes, full of the exciting new flavors of American cooking today."

"Julia's Kitchen Wisdom" by Julia Child

[from the cover] "Essential techniques and recipes from a lifetime of cooking."

"La Cuisine de France" by Mapie, the Countess de Toulouse-Lautrec

(translated by Charlotte Turgeon) [from the cover] "The MODERN French Cookbook"

And, for those just getting started, or those who would like a refresher course, we have "The Beginner's Cookbook" with chapters on Nutrition, Preparation, Methods, Utensils, Pantry supplies, Herbs & Spices, and a wide range of recipes on which to try out your skills.

We've got a great selection of books about grilling, tailgating, picnics, and other outdoor eating fun. And don't forget parties! There are cocktails, appetizers, salads, soups, international foods, vegetarian dishes, and desserts to consider.

This list covers a lot of ground, but if you come take a look you'll find a lot of great cooking ideas for which I haven't room to mention in one blog post. Come on down and look around.

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  1. Hurry down! "Julia's Kitchen Wisdom" is already gone, but there are plenty of other great books where that came from... Here, at Bonnett's Book Store. :)