Tuesday, May 13, 2008

City Life in Dayton

Life in the City of Dayton, Ohio -- The City of Neighbors, The All-American City, The Birthplace of Aviation -- takes many forms. Here are some of the things I noticed in just 15 minutes on Monday afternoon while on my way to work.

As I crossed into downtown on the Riverside bridge I noticed some of the new batch of City Life statues waiting at Riverscape for their downtown diaspora. I quickly parked and grabbed my camera to get the first shot.

J. Seward Johnson's "City Life" sculptures arrived in Dayton this afternoon for "City Life '08." The statues will be placed in various locations all over downtown. I've already spotted one in the Oregon District - a first for the O.D.!

Workers continue construction of the new CareSource building on the southeast corner of Main and Monument. It was just chance that I spotted them on the way back to my car. Then, it was off to work again.

I arrived at the store to find these hungry avians feasting on whatever falls out of the tree above the parking lot. I don't know what kind of birds these are, but I've never noticed the little red-headed variety before.

As I've been making this post, the children's books of Richard Scarry came into my mind. I love Dayton. :-)

The "City Life" statues were big fun for me last year. I look forward to tracking them down again this year.
Here's a mini-slideshow, or click to visit the gallery of my "City Life '07" photos.
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