Monday, May 19, 2008

Best Urban Nights Yet!

Though Urban Nights officially ends at 10pm there's always plenty to do in the Oregon District on Friday nights... bands, dancing, people watching, etc. We stayed open until midnight this just to let people know we were here and take a look around.

Our new neighbors, "Practice Yoga on Fifth," at 504 E. 5th St., were greeting folks and enjoying the beautiful evening alongside Derailed Hair Salon's temporary display of art and gift cards.

Derailed also has been featuring a selection of art from some of the folks at Catalyst Creative Design Studio (aka C2 or C-squared). Very cool stuff.

Dolcessa made a re-appearance with their gelato cart, and I must say the gelato actually tasted better than I remembered it. The next time you're on Brown near UD & MVH, do yourself a favor and try some of their gelato. They're right across the street from the Burger King over there.

510 Gallery featured some great tunes to accompany the works on display from Loretta Puncer. I didn't get to stick around but there's always something enchanting about the flute that makes you want to stay.

My camera and I couldn't get around much because we had to stick near the shop, but here's a small sampling of what I've described above. Enjoy! :-)

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