Thursday, November 30, 2017

Just One Magazine

Browsing an old magazine is truly like stepping into a time machine for a look around at the world gone by. Few magazines capture this wonder and nostalgia so effectively as LIFE.

Searching the internet for individual items of specific interest; be they photos, articles, ads, or what have you, cannot duplicate the experience of sitting down with a single old magazine and allowing yourself to enter that time-slice of an age gone by; with a cornucopia of hints toward the whole world from which it spawned.

Here's a peek, from a famous issue. This long list of interesting items is both astounding and incomplete. Yet, herein you'll find the grieving of a nation, folly, holiday celebration, assembly of and hope for the World's Fair, faith, science, and even some fun.

Experiences of this sort should be priceless, but are occasionally no more expensive than a fancy coffee, artisanal soap, or local craft beer. Find them here @BonnettsBooks!

LIFE magazine; December 6, 1963: JFK Funeral - Jackie, Caroline, & John, jr. cover and coverage. Also: Ritz cracker ad/Squibb Broxodent corded electric toothbrush Christmas ad/Budweiser & turkey dinner Christmas ad/Rexall Christmas ad with aluminum tree/Norelco Beauty Sachet groomer-massager ad/Singer sewing machine Christmas ad/Dow Metalized Saran icicles ad/Max Factor Christmas line/Penney's Chemstrand nylon satin Gaymode® Christmas ad/Parker pen ad/Columbia records ad/Fruit of the Loom ad/Carnation Friskies canned dog food ad/Dial-A-Car rental ad/Vat 69 scotch Christmas ad/Richman Bros. suit ad/Capitol records Christmas ad/Bulova watch USPS  ad/Maytag Halo of Heat dryer ad/Trifari philanderer ad/Du Barry cosmetics Christmas ad/'64 Studebaker Daytona & Avanti ad/Lucky Strike Christmas ad/Weller Dual Heat soldering gun kit ad/Campbell's bean with bacon soup ad/Seagram's 7 Crown ad/Hunt's Tomato Catsup ad/Zippo lighter Christmas ad/Miller High-Life ad/'64 Chevrolet Chevy Chevelle Malibu SS ad/Tareyton Dual Filter black eye woman ad/Edison Electric Ohio Family ad/Rath Black Hawk sliced hickory bacon ad/Bathrobes - Mink-lined, low-cut pullover/Mayflower Movers ad/Heublin Smirnoff vodka ad with pull-out party tips & cocktail recipe book/GMC commercial trucks ad/'64 World's Fair fiberglass dinosaurs exhibit/Hot Dr. Pepper ad/Chef Boy-Ar-Dee lasagna ad/Gilbey's gin "international holidays" globe Christmas ad (World Fair tie-in?)/Heart surgeon's dream theater operating room/Champion sparkplugs Bobby Unser Pike's Peak challenge record ad/Black & Decker U-100 ¼" drill ad/General Electric appliances ad feat. Mobile Maid dishwasher with lift-top rack & 3-level washing/'64 Ford Lincoln Continental ad/Noxema's NEW Cover Girl medicated makeup feat. Cosmopolitan magazine cover & covergirl Lois Heyl/Toledo, Ohio's ELTRA Corp. Prestolite car battery ad/Corby's Whiskey makes a terrible martini ad/Honda scooter Christmas Santa ad/Beaunit nylon tricot chemise slip ad/Wembley neckties ad, as seen in "Who's Minding the Store?" feat. Jerry Lewis/Ossy Davis & Ruby Dee article/Heinz 57 Worcestershire sauce ad/Medici filter pipes ad/Schick Crown Jewel ladies' electric shaver Christmas ad/article on World respect of President Kennedy's death/Benrus watch ads/Allied Van Lines movers ad/Polaroid Color Pack camera ad/Mrs. Filbert's margarine ad/Travelers Insurance Company toy truck on steps ad, "Even your best friend might sue you." Travelers umbrella/Jones Dairy Farm Little Sausages, Wisconsin/National Oil Girl Institute, oil heat ad/Florida Citrus Commission ad/Sharp Electronics Corp. Japanese Santa Claus ad/Caravelle watch ad/Dayton, Ohio's Inland Manufacturing Division of General Motors Corporation, Honeycomb® "Magic Touch" ice-cube trays ad/Menley & James Laboratories Contact ad/GM "Body by Fisher" ad/Revere-Wollensack Division of 3M Company's self-changing stereo tape cartridge system Christmas ad/Carter's Marks-A-Lot felt-tip permanent marker ad/Chrysler Simca 1000 economy car ad/Testor's Spray Pla enamel paint ad/Snow Crop Orange Samoa quick-frozen concentrate of orange plus tropical fruit juices for orange punch ad/GM Frigidaire Imperial Nineteen refrigerator-freezer ad/ballet cat/LIFE daily Christmas shopping guide calendar/"Love's Warm Instant: the Embrace" photo-essay about hugs/Kitchen-Aid dishwasher ad/back cover missing.

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