Thursday, September 11, 2014

Never Forget?

"Never Forget" has always seemed a bit flaccid to me. Never forget what? 

Never forget that all of us, everywhere, people around the world, lost a cultural touchstone, a dream, an icon. The massive number of victims make it likely that every American is within the proverbial six-degrees of separation from someone directly associated with the Pentagon, World Trade Center, or the passengers aboard the 4 planes abused by evil men on this day 13 years ago. 

As a society, it was very much like watching our own home sent to ruin; such was the cultural impression made by the Twin Towers. It's clear that these buildings gave a similar impression to others around the globe, which is part of the reason they were chosen as targets. 

New York might be the most storied city in human history. It's a place of dreams, failures, history, fable, and romance and those twin towers were as representative of all those things to the United States as the Eiffel Tower is for France, or the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

Never forget? Never forget what? Never forget anything; because even those of us who've never been to NYC felt as if we lost everything on 9/11. I'm here to tell you that the feeling of loss still exists, even with the new building, One WTC, standing there now. Never forget the day that changed everything.

This Spider-Man movie teaser was released prior to 9/11 for the Summer 2002 film

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