Saturday, June 07, 2014

Bonnett's Mention on a Personal Blog

Books, books, books... We love books in general. It's a broad spectrum. There are books we favor above others and books we disdain. Books are not "like our children", so we DO find ourselves playing favorites. And every once in a while we encounter books or book-centric endeavors that require further investigation.

Quite a few years ago (2006 or so) I stumbled upon a blog called Babes With Books. I've mentioned it here before. It no longer exists, having disappeared unceremoniously a few years later. It was simply a collection of "beautiful women reading books" - not porn, not nude, but perhaps not quite safe for work. The collection was gathered from all over the web, and - I suspect, used without permission. I strongly suspect that it was the lack of permission factor behind it's disappearance. The blog was even written about in WIRED magazine at one point. Something reminded me of that blog tonight, and it's pseudonymous proprietor "Hardley Surton", so I plugged it into the search bar and found... very little.

Thanks to the WIRED article, the widespread interest in books, and the overall fascination with "pretty girls" it's clear I wasn't the only one who had some appreciation for the collection. I was curious to see if anyone else had taken up the banner of Babes with Books, but found only articles lamenting it's loss, or just mentioning it as a notable curiosity of the interwebs, like the World's Biggest Ball of String. One man's blog actually found and quoted a comment I'd left on regarding the Hardley Surton phenomenon.

So, really, this wordy post is just a nod to Doug Bolden as a fellow book lover and internet oddity aficionado. Thank you, Doug, for mentioning our blog and best wishes along your path.

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