Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Break at Bonnett's Books

Whether you're buying a Mark Twain classic as a surprise gift, researching sensitive information (like a medical condition, or controversial subjects) or picking up a bit of sexy entertainment, no one has to know what you buy from Bonnett's! Your secrets are safe with us. We've held the trust of our customers for 75 years, dealing in used books, comics, magazines, photo sets, movies, and more.

Mardi Gras, Saint Patrick's Day, and Spring Break have recently reminded me of Girls Gone Wild (don't visit their old websites, they now redirect your browser to other sites). It was just a few short years ago when it seemed like GGW was everywhere, even here in Dayton, Ohio!

Girls Gone Wild bus parked at VEX on 4th & St. Clair - Jan. 9, 2010 © Kevin H. Bonnett

This Spring Break, if you can't hit the beach, hit Bonnett's! We've just discovered a stash of Girls Gone Wild DVDs to add to our sexy selections.

         "GIRLS GONE WILD! - Real! Raw! Uncut!"
  • GGW: America Uncovered - with Doug Stanhope
  • GGW: Beach Babes & Forbidden Spring Break, 2 Vol. Set - on 1 disc
  • GGW: Doggy Style - Hosted by Snoop Dogg
  • GGW: Endless Spring Break - 15 vols., sold separately
  • GGW: Girl Power - 5 vols., sold separately
  • GGW: Road Trip - 2 vols., sold separately
  • GGW: Sex Starved College Girls, Vol. 2
  • GGW: Ultimate Spring Break - 2 vols., sold separately
Of course, there's a LOT more here than Girls Gone Wild - which only came to mind due to recent events.

Local and World History (and Dayton's role in it all) - Arts and Crafts (from Renaissance Art to Puppetry) - DIY Home & Auto Repair - Landscaping & Gardening - Food Prep (from growing or catching to cooking, nutrition & entertaining) - Sports (local, college, & pro) - Outdoor Activities (Cycling, Sailing, Climbing, etc.) - Fitness, Exercise, Nutrition, Health & Wellness - Humor, Jokes, & Satire - Mysteries, Thrillers, Westerns, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Historical Fiction, Paranormal Romance, Pulp fiction - Straight, Fetish, & LGBT topics & erotica - Archaeology, Photography, Poetry, Essays, Travel, Plays, Drama, Thrillers, Suspense, Religion, UFOs, Occult Studies, Psychology, Biographies, True Crime, Civil War, World War II, Aviation, Railroads, Children's & Young Adult books, plus all manner of comics, magazines, & DVDs.

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      Shopping in BONNETT'S you'll have
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NO social media sites serving ads based on your searches & telling everyone what you 'Like'.
NO product recommendations related to things you've bought online.
NO 'Big Brother' looking at your data.
YES! Have the freedom to buy what you want without judgement.
YES! Pay with your credit or debit cards without an item description on your bill.
YES! Surprise someone with a perfect book or movie gift, even if they find the receipt.
YES! Save the planet and your money! Buying used is recycling and inexpensive.
YES! Trade in your quality Used Books, Comics, Magazines, & Movies for extra savings
YES! Support a Local, Small Business that's been serving the Dayton, Ohio area for 75 years.

If you've been here before, we look forward to seeing you again. If you've never been here before, bring a friend and come explore! Bonnett's Book Store is part of a complete date night - wait for showtime at The Neon, or for your table to open, or browse while your dinner settles, or come down just to visit Bonnett's!
We hope to see you soon! :-)

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