Saturday, February 16, 2013

Singles Awareness Day is S.A.D.

I've only just learned of Singles Awareness Day. It's not about one dollar bills. I'm sure we're all well aware of each and every $ingle we have. Singles Awareness Day is about relationships - singles as opposed to couples... or grouples, if that's your thing.

Wikipedia describes Single's Awareness Day, or SAD, as a humorous holiday; hence it's bespoke three-letter-acronym. In the wake of Valentine's Day, discovery of this "holiday" inspired in me some reflection, which almost always includes an exploration of our shelves. That which follows was found in our Humor section.

Most guys are OK with bachelorhood. We like being free and single and enjoying everything life has to offer, with nothing to tie us down and no one to hold us back... well, that's what we tell ourselves, and some of  us believe it. But, if the truth were known, nearly everything we do is directed toward the goal of trying to impress a partner. Often, like a game of chess, we're working out future moves ahead of the next turn, and some of us don't know we're doing it. That's how it is for teh average guy.

Dave Barry, Pulitzer Prize winning author, can serve as a decent example of an average guy. I hear your protestations, "What?! He's not a regular guy! He's a famous writer!" Well, I'm here to tell you that some guys, Mr. Barry included, earn their fame by being a regular guy, an "everyman". And, I'll let you in on a secret. ALL guys are famous... in their own minds. Work with that idea, not against it, but don't let us get out of hand.

OK, Guys. Don't think I'm selling out our secrets. Truth is, the Ladies figured out how to keep us in check millennia ago. We're not that tricky, really, but we can be exasperating. As proof I offer into evidence the book "MEN!" filled with the feminine point of view on men from some great ladies, including Dayton's own Erma Bombeck!

Some guys get lost on the path to finding a partner. They are called "Dudes". Dudes get so wrapped up in the trappings of impressing a partner that they lose sight of the goal. Too much Coolness, or Swag - in today's parlance, is really nothing more than B.S. Few potential partners are willing to wade through it to find the Guy inside. Furthermore, Dudes tend to be the kind of guys which inspire women to write books like "Picking On Men". Seriously, Dudes, you aren't doing the rest of us Guys any favors, but nice car! Is that a hemi? Where'd you get those rims?

HEY GUYS! I'm still talking to you. This is serious. You may think you're King of the Hill, Top of the Heap, but somewhere there's a lady who knows better, 'cuz she's the one who's been trying to give you the boost up there. On the other hand, there's a whole spectrum of ladies out there, just like the men, ranging from "I don't need a partner" to "I must be in a relationship at all costs!" Here are some extreme examples. Don't stop reading here and let these ideas get you down... Keep reading...

Extremes are like the slices of bread at either end of a Dagwood Sandwich, easily avoided while enjoying all the wonderful variety in the middle.

Now here's Lewis Grizzard. From the books below you might think he was an expert in relationships. He's really another "everyman" who's had the decency to try and help us see the humor in our partnership pursuits, all along the route, from the start, to the highs, through the lows, and back into the game. His "Advice to the Newly Wed" and "Advice to the Newly Divorced" are contained in one handy flip-book. Every "everyman" appreciates such convenience.

But one person can't possibly live through and share every kind of love and romance. There are plenty of other voices out there with other viewpoints and tales of sexual adventure and foible, as seen below...

Frustration, the folly of youth, and the journey forward all contain innumerable stories of woe and/or wonder. Enjoy the journey, because, as with most things, if you're not having fun you're doing it wrong.

All the books above and many, many, MANY more are available now at Bonnett's Books. Get one for a single friend. ;-)

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