Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Publishing, Just Before the Internet Changed Everything

Interesting "pre-Internet"* New York Times article referencing publishing and production conglomeration, circa 1989, via a look at the Book Of the Month Club (BOMC).

The bit that caught my attention is the following quote:

"The very concept of the book as an object to be lingered over and palpated, something that seeps into the soul, has changed. The printed, bound book itself now represents one stage in a process which turns out that most unliterary of all quantities: product."

The remainder of the piece looks at other aspects of publishing with BOMC as it's focal point. On the whole I found this article far more interesting that it may seem from my notes here. Check it out!

"Inside the Club" - New York Times - June 11, 1989

* "pre-Internet" is intended as a reference to the days before the 'net was available to the general population. The internet had been in operation for quite some time prior to 1989.

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