Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bonnett's Book Store in the Chicago Sun-Times

Dave Hoekstra is a staff writer for the Chicago Sun-Times. During a working baseball-themed trip to Ohio he happened upon our humble store. Mr. Hoekstra was intrigued enough to remember and mention us in his Ohio baseball story.

After his visit here I checked out the Sun-Times site looking for his work. It's good, interesting stuff, no matter where you're from. He travels a lot a writes about the places he's been. You can find his bio, the baseball story mentioning Bonnett's Bookstore and other stories here. He might even inspire your next vacation!

I once had a layover at O'Hare (ca.1997). During the wait I explored the airport, encountered my first Starbucks ever, and found a doorway outside where I could see a line of cabs and all the people waiting for them. That's when it hit me that I was in a Big city; The Second City, The Windy City, Chi-town, The City of the Big Shoulders... it's mere nicknames known worldwide! I've wanted to go back ever since.

We admit being a bit giddy at having impressed a Chicagoan, as I'm sure you've already noticed. It's another thing showing that Dayton, Ohio, The Gem City, is, as it's own nickname implies, still a treasure! When's the last time you found a completely random meeting of a Tricab, Power Bocks (the spring-loaded stilts), a bagpipe player, and a folding bike all in one place?

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