Saturday, January 01, 2011


The year 2011 is putting me in mind of many symbolic things...

One is the loneliest number, but we've two ones, side-by-side. This should be a good year for couples, pairs, and friends. In fact, our first visitors of 2011 had never been in before, so we've made some new friends already. :-)

If you're reading this, you've probably been to Bonnett's at least once. Many people, sadly, have never visited our shop, and more don't even know it's here. We don't have an advertising budget, so most of my blogging, Tweeting, and other online endeavors are an attempt to make up for that. You can help us by introducing Bonnett's Book Store to your friends who've never been in before.

Even folks who don't read often can find something here. We have an ever-growing selection of DVDs (now featuring 2 blu-ray movies), comic books for young and old, short stories or joke books to read in the porcelain lounge, books on making repairs, gardening, history, picture books and stories for the kids (in all of us), and, of course, plenty of current and classic novels and/or non-fiction for more serious readers.

'11, as two ones, also makes me think of 2-for-1 which is the basis of our trade-in policy. Bring in your old books, DVDs, comics, and magazines, and trade them in to save money on your next purchase; Or trade in 2-for-1 of the same price and type of book, comic, or DVD.

Pair up now and enjoy the whole year with friends at Bonnett's Book Store!

Just don't get yourself in trouble, like our old friend Archie Andrews. ;-)

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