Friday, December 18, 2009

3-D Ocean Life (Really cool!)*

I grew up with ViewMasters and with them enjoyed discovering the wonders of 3-D imagery. I haven't seen "Avatar" yet, but the 3-D used in last year's "Monsters vs. Aliens" worked so well that it's not longer necessary to worry whether or not movie 3-D works.

This book presents 3-D using a mirror. I hadn't encountered this style before now, and it works GREAT!
It doesn't hurt that the photos inside are awesome in 3-D.

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Available now at Bonnett's

*This post was pulled from my "draft" folder. I began the post with the images on 12/18/09, but just found it and added the text today (01/19/10), which is why this seemingly "old" post mentions the movie Avatar as past tense.

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