Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Is this Bettie Page?

Found this image, uncredited and uncaptioned, in a magazine from 1955. I'm pretty sure it's Bettie Page. The dimple at the corner of her mouth, the arching eyebrows, and the haircut - of course.

Perhaps there's a foot fan out there who can ID her ankles or toes or something? Comment or email if you have any info. Comments are moderated so I'll get email either way, and if you don't want me to post your comment just say so.

I think this is a Bettie Page photo... I'll be looking into it a bit more on my own, but I'm glad for any help. Thanks in advance.


  1. Thanks cherryral. :-) I think so too, but I know in the past I've stumbled upon another model with a very similar look, also from that era. And, because I found this in an unexpected place, I can't be certain it's her this time. On that previous occasion of mistaken identity I had the good fortune to be corrected by my father and grandfather who knew who the look-alike was. I can't remember the changeling's name now (to search for and compare).

  2. It's kinda funny... If she was wearing something it could be far easier to connect this with a set or shoot and make the ID. :-)

  3. Yes, that is absolutely her!!!
    I know her anywhere. It's funny you missed the best way of identifying her, but featured prominently in your picture, is that she has a little dimple on the back side of her left thigh. You mentioned something about body recognition, well, there you go. If you'd be so kind to send a copy that pic to my E-mail ( sans the covering script, for the correct (winning) answer, I'd greatly appreciate it. And in turn I'll send you her pics that demonstrate exactly the leg dimple I'm talking about. Forever will miss Bettie...

  4. SwankeyMonkey, I've already verified the image, but I hadn't spotted that leg-dimple until receiving your comment. Now I'm wondering, "Is it just a dimple or is it a scar of some kind?" I have indentation scars like that from Chicken Pox, injuries, etc. Odd place for a dimple, I think.

    I'm sorry to say I can't send you a copy of the scan. Even if I could verify your age, I have to assume it's not my image to pass around, due to copyright concerns.

    Check out my Picasa photo gallery. there might be something of interest there (Bettie memorabilia in our store, Pulp cover scans, etc.), but please don't redistribute them.