Thursday, August 20, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure – Most Likely You’ll Die | FlowingData

We love the Choose Your Own Adventure books, but I typically found them a bit frustrating. There is a flow-chart at the link which tracks the odds of making it through CYOA #2 to one of two fortuitous endings.

I remember reading similar things from decades earlier that tended to be a bit more forgiving, as they were written for small children, so, when I was in my teens, becoming interested in role-playing games and related adventures, I picked up Choose Your Own Adventure books quickly.

As you might expect, we have a selection of such things. There were other series, besides specifically "Choose Your Own Adventure". Some required the use of dice and pencils to track your health and progress through the book. The latter versions are hard to find un-marked, but well worth tracking down for fans of such adventures and not nearly as complicated as full-blown Dungeons & Dragons. We recommend using a separate sheet of paper to track your progress, rather than writing in the book itself.

Choose Your Own Adventure – Most Likely You’ll Die | FlowingData

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