Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tumbleweed Connection final update

During the fire, smoke filled the building. Water is everywhere. The roof at the rear of the building is gone.

I didn't learn if the front roof is damaged. Some smoke damage is visible above the balcony in the top and middle photos. A fire truck extension can be seen in the middle photo, behind the building.

The bottom photo was taken from a nearby roof behind the Tumbleweed and shows a couple of DFD vehicles including the extension.

In case you didn't know, the Tumbleweed had been serving really good breakfasts and lunches for some time. Our father, Walter, had been breakfast/lunch regular there for a long time.

Our friends and family celebrated my son, Ian's, 21st birthday at the Tumbleweed.

I don't get out much, but I've had a decent list of memorable times at the Weed with my friends and family.

We don't know the full extent of the damages or how things will go from here but, we all hope for the best and look forward to the possibility of many more good times at The Tumbleweed Connection in the future.

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  1. Well, I should have done this a loooong time ago. For those not in regular contact with the Oregon District, The 'Weed re-opened about a year ago, many long, slow months after the fire, and is back to serving cold beers and hot times. An overdue yet hearty WELCOME BACK to The Tumbleweed Connection.