Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pulp Magazine Covers

Right off the bat, let me make clear that the gallery linked in the subject line (above) is NOT A CATALOG OF ITEMS FOR SALE.

PulpCon is right around the corner and I've been scanning covers of our items for the last couple of years. These are high resolution scans of (some) very well read items. Details are clear, including the historically relevant "Guy's," "Jordan's," and, of course, "Bonnett's" labels and store stamps.*

Many of the items have already been sold and some are still available by in-store visit. The images are for reference only and not to be used elsewhere. More are coming. I just thought I would share my efforts for any interested parties.

Please visit us if you're in Dayton for the Pulp Convention. We're just 3 long blocks east of the Dayton Convention Center. It's walking distance and there are many other fine establishments en route.

Bonnett's Book Store -- =[BONNETT'S]= MySpace
502 East Fifth Street --
Dayton, Ohio 45402 -- Mon-Sat, Noon-8pm ET

*That line was typed with my tongue-firmly-in-cheek -- so much so that my tongue is now sore from the effort.

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