Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stan Lee at Kuss Auditorium

My son and I went to Springfield to see Stan "The Man" Lee tonight. It was part of the Clark County Public Library Speaker Series. At 80+ years of age he's still rather spry and retains his knack for entertaining an audience, whether live or in print. In many ways he reminded me of Grandpa (Harold Bonnett, a.k.a. Hal Murray Bonnett, R.I.P., founder of "Bonnett's Book Store" and author of pulp fiction stories in the 1930's.)

From the "Old news, but news to me" Department: In 2002 Stan Lee began a new company called "POW! Entertainment" which is producing new heroes and stories for all media formats including theatrical releases, DVDs, comics, and 'mobisodes'. Mobisodes are short episodes of a story sent to mobile phones or other mobile devices. See the link below for more about Stan and POW! Entertainment (whose stock symbol is POWN for those interested in investments).

SPOILER ALERT [Condition Yellow-may not be an actual spoiler] If you enjoy "Lost" you might want to skip past the line below that says "'Nuff said.":
Stan may have inadvertantly offered up a 'spoiler' for fans of the show "Lost" when he stated that Michelle Rodriguez would be appearing in a POW! film when she's finished working on "Lost". I believe the work he mentioned, and pointedly would not discuss further, was titled "Forever Man". So, does this mean 'Ana-Lucia Cortez' might soon meet her end, or was Stan simply referring to the fact that working on a series is seasonal in nature? If you know the answer, please leave a comment, but be sure to give readers a SPOILER ALERT, if such is the case. I apologize for slipping into the 'tabloid zone'.

'Nuff said.

After speaking, Mr. Lee signed autographs in the CCPL. While there we ran into Peter Bell from "Bell, Book & Comic" (previously employed at the "The Dragon's Lair*"). Tin from TAF (Transformers Action Figures) was there, and we finally met some folks from "Fearless Readers" (whose names, regrettably, I did not get. My sincere apologies.). We also saw a number of our other friends and customers. It was a pleasant evening, except for the waiting in long lines part... but that goes with the territory.

I'll try to remember to post a photo or two from the event.

As Stan would say, "Excelsior!"
Welcome to The Stan Lee Web

*The Dragon's Lair, alas, is no longer in business.

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